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My First Blog ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hi there friends and foes, welcome to my first ever blog. If you have come to read the deep muses of an eloquent intellect ,sorry, you will probably be rolling your eyes pretty soon. Truth is,I have spent quite a while pondering why on earth anyone would want to visit my blog, and I came to the conclusion - why the heck not!

So here’s a little about me and my crazy world... I was born in the 1970’s in New Zealand, to young parents with big hair, bell-bottoms and massive sideburns. It must of scarred me in a good way, because at 15 I left school to become an apprentice hair stylist in a new decade of Perms and big fringes. In my early 20s I got married and began my family. Three boys in swift succession and fully disillusioned by the idea of love that lasts forever.

The following decade bought me a divorce, a mortgage, 3 young males to bring up, a 100-year- old derelict coal miners cottage to renovate (without the help of youtube) and bills to pay alone. When I look back, It’s kinda cringe-worthy the things I did, but to be honest it truely taught me to have some guts. This was when I discovered how to create an income out of the virtually nothing.

The local school would save the shredded paper in big rubbish bags for me. When the boys finally went to bed I would boil the heck out of them, add some wallpaper glue and use to sculpt many, many hideous sculptures. With a bit of paint and mounted on old windows I’d buy from the demolition place. Wallah...unique chilli pepper wall hangings, amongst other eye squinting designs. People bought them... It was the 90’s after all, and everything bright was a winner.

In 2004 everything changed. Just when I was feeling particularly allergic to the male species, this scruffy long hair and bearded German hitch hiker came into my life. Oliver was tall and ruggedly handsome. Granted he looked like he needed a good scrub, but we became mates. There was no sexual attraction on my part. After all he was 13 years my junior, no responsibilities, no money and no working visa. But he was man crush safe and definitely not on my radar. After several weeks of mateship, and many nights of laughter, I realised I had already lost my grip on sensibility. One year later we were married and had our baby girl Mayah on the way. Yes, we were a fully odd couple . With culture, kids and immigration to navigate. But we had passion and we had each other.

Rolling on... over many volatile adventures, we landed here in outback Kalgoorlie Western Australia. No surprise really, as times in my hourglass could never be called normal or boring. Married twice, 4 children,2 ridiculously cute granddaughters, and an art career that caters to my pinch of hyperactivity. These are the days of my life.

So won’t you join with me? Let’s journey together, who knows what we can discover my friends.

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