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About Rachel

Beyond the brush


Beyond The Brush

Rachel Doring was born in Napier New Zealand. She is proud of her Kiwi heritage and being a descendant of the  Ngai Tahu

 tribe.  Currently she resides and works in Albany Western Australia.

 A born creative, Rachel has worked in various Leadership roles, all of which have fostered her Love for the Arts. By the age of 19 she had received  Top performing Trade Certificate Awards and began managing a successful Hair Salon.

She later occupied a head role, as a Prop designer for Kate Bell Events NZ. In 2001 Rachel  began to pursue her love for painting and since then has sold her work not only in her homeland of NZ and Australia, but also Germany, Argentina, America and United Kingdom.


 Intuitive, Bold and thought provoking her work inspires the viewer to  look further for the deeper message behind the brush. Identity and  truth being a reoccurring theme throughout her body of work. Layers,  scratches and scars are often used to represent the compounding effect of life and the beauty found beneath. 


Rachel Doring is a Graduate of Milan Art Institute International and continues to paint and sell prolifically from her busy studio in Albany Western Australia.

And on a personal level ...

 Hi Guys, so here I am..  Well I am married, with 3 grown sons and a teenage daughter. So far I am a young Grand mother of  two sweet girls Lexie and Luna. My hubby Oliver is from Germany and we meet whilst he was hitch hiking through NZ in 2004.  Maybe because he's a wild one, we like to travel often overseas and explore different cultures, see the usual and learn about life from different angles.  I am a woman of faith and that stability and deep seated truth permeates most of who I am. Naturally that does translate into my art work and writing. I love the ocean.... I grew up in NZ in the salt air and it is definitely something that makes me feel alive and centred. Currently living in the outback of Western Australia this aspect is difficult at times... Thank goodness for regular trips to Esperance WA.  I am blessed with many good friends and love to share my raw mind and big heart with others. I am a personal mentor for Milan Art Institute in America and have many international students. This brings me such joy and you know what, sometimes I have to pinch myself at how rich my life is. Truely thankful, truely blessed to be aging with increasing fulfilment from living a life less trodden.  I have lived a life with many twists and turns. Disappointments and a heart scarred from grief and pain. I have experienced trauma, loss and betrayal. But I am not a victim of my past, but take from it what I can use to help heal others.   Thankyou for giving this moment .... I look forward to journeying together... luv Rach

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