Welcome to my page, I am so glad you are here. Feel free to have a look around and get to know me and what I do.  


Rachel Doring

Everyday I am compelled to express my view of life and all it’s complexities through painting. To me Painting is a vehicle that translates glimpses of my inner world into tangible truths. Transformation and spiritual insight excite my soul like nothing else. I love to inspire others to leave the shallow shorelines of their thinking, and dare to seek out deeper truths hidden within themselves.

Visually you will experience my love for textures, layers and luscious oil paint. Enjoy with me the love of intense colour and rich contrasts that reflect the light I am guided by in my heart. I have sailed many stormy seas, wrestled many challenges and overcome, all of which have strengthened and inspired my work as an artist. My  invitation to you is to really look, to really question and to really see. For where there is light, there is no darkness.