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Large abstract to which you can decide its rotation and its meaning.

A few months back I woke up with the words Emerald line in my minds eye. This has some symbolic meanings. But here in the painting you will see the emerald line weaved amongst the abstraction. This was not done consciously actually. But rather intuitively that I discovered afterwards. To me the line symbolises standing in Royal position.  To live by a consistant stance or code of conduct, with Godly royal positioning. When I look at this piece its like all the exciting bursts of energy and life that spring forth like a beautiful explosive dance. To have a standard line is not containing and restricting... the contrary... it is full of freedom,excitment and covering.


This exciting piece measures 150cm(60') X 76CM (30') When stretched on its wooden frame.  I will post this one in Australia on the frame postage free.   For overseas you will need to contact me to arrange this as the shipping is not connected for larger pieces as yet on my website. Overseas will be sent unstretched and in a roll.  


PS. The black box frame in the staged picture is not included. But I can arrange to have it framed for an extra $200 Contact me for this extra :)

The Emerald line

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