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I was thinking about curses and blessings. I believe you can curse or bring a cloud over someone by your words or even some people are born with certain family so called curses. (Yes I know...deep lol) But as a friend pointed out this week, what about blessings. If one is true then so is the other. As I pondered this I was awoken to the realisation of the many blessings and favours on my life. And as I grow and mature I understand that all curses are broken in light of the truth. So I ask myself... how do I position my life for favour and blessing.....? May our minds be washed in light and truth and may our minds be washed with the sweetness of heaven.

100cm x 80cm original oil on canvas. Framed


  • Oil on canvas     
  • 100cm x 80cm
  • Lay-by available

Positioned For Favour

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