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The world is undergoing massive changes. One is confronted with the conflicting emotions of fear, and intrigue. I dreamt last year of a huge tsunami heading towards the land. I was on the shore and saw the waves recede.... I knew what this meant... Tidal wave coming. I ran up and down the beach trying to warn people. But they were all already locked in their houses... I was puzzled, they were oblivious.  Then as I reached high ground the wave hit... The wave was water and fire, it left metal symbols on the sand. I later found that the symbols were the hebrew symbols for the months march and april.    passover to penetcost

I believe the wave of fire is what is flushing out the earth of the corruption and evil that has been lurking unseen. And the water  is coming to cleanse and heal this planet.   We all get to choose... Sink along with the agreement of fear, or ride the wave head held high. Im choosing Ride the reset.

75cm x 50cm

original oil on canvas

Riding the reset . Original SOLD

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