There is noise all around. Decisions to make, sides to take. Political, spiritual, emotional, relational..... The noise and stress rendering clatter threatens the core of what is inside of us. We can bind ourselves to ideologies that sound right and good. We can make agreement with the opinions of others that seem just and sense worthy. But do you feel free...? Where the spirit of God is there you will find freedom. Freedom and truth may offend us at times and not make sense. But freedom and truth in its raw form is unoffendable. It is powerful, it is like a wind that blows away the dust of our vain imaginations.

Where can this be found..... It can be found within the heart of everyone. Are we willing to search for truth and be courageous enough to embrace it.

Here I stand alone, my spirit is mine and my responsibility. I stand in open ground, surrendered. I lift up my open heart and stand in the truth that is set before me. A truth to lay down my life for, because once it is discovered... I am undone.

I stand alone

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