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Milan Art Institute

I have been painting for many years now.  In fact  I have done many things in the creative field. But never did I allow it to move me past my comfort zone and into the realm of possibilities.  Mainly if I am honest the culprit was fear! Fear of failure, fear of success? fear of people?


Never the less a few years ago I endeavoured to throw myself off that cliff ..... and took on a years formal study at Milan Art Institutes Mastery program.  This by far was the best decision I have made in years. It changed my life not just artistically but it changed and healed my soul.

It is there that I found my voice and gave volume to the voice within me.     Long story short  , I am now on their staff and a mentor and coach for this incredible art institute.    Check out  my links below and see how the Mastery program could change your life too. A year you will never forget and will never regret .   You even request me as your personal mentor if you wish.  


Cheers Rachel 

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